tripleS to Perform at the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

Four members of the K-pop group tripleS are set to stage their first-ever Southeast Asian performance on September 21 as part of the Philippine Blockchain Week. Fans in the Philippines can look forward to watching YooYeon, SooMin, NaKyoung, and YeonJi perform live.

The group will be performing multiple hits from tripleS’ previous albums, including “ACCESS,” “ASSEMBLE,” and “AESTHETIC.” They will also showcase their newest release, “ↀ,” from their sub-unit EVOLution. In April 2023, EVOLution was introduced as tripleS’ fourth official sub-unit, with eight members selected through a blockchain-based voting event called “Gravity.”

Adding to the excitement, P-pop girl group G22 will be the opening act for tripleS. The performance will take place at the Newport World Resorts Marriott Grand Ballroom, making it a highlight of the Philippine Blockchain Week.

In addition to the performance, the Philippine Blockchain Week will also feature the first-ever NEXUS FAN FAIR. This event will be a grand celebration of gaming, technology, entertainment, music, and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various activities and experiences related to these industries.

Overall, the performance by tripleS and the inclusion of G22 as the opening act will surely make the event unforgettable for K-pop fans in the Philippines. It is not only a chance to witness a captivating performance but also an opportunity to be part of the vibrant and exciting world of blockchain technology and its applications in the entertainment industry.