Partners With Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Revolutionize Conversational AI, a leading provider of conversational AI solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), empowering them to scale their voicebot and chatbot capabilities. The partnership aims to enhance the customer experience by deploying generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

With the migration to AWS, plans to leverage price-performant generative AI solutions to make their dynamic AI agents even smarter and more intuitive. The goal is to deliver swift, engaging, and personalized interactions for customers in the customer service industry.

By choosing AWS as their preferred cloud provider, will be able to expand its business globally. Through their conversational AI solutions, has already handled over 12 billion customer support conversations annually across more than 85 countries. Their AI agents excel in goal-driven conversations by comprehending customer needs and providing personalized responses, functioning across over 35 text- and voice-based channels in more than 135 languages.

To further extend its reach, has made its conversational AI solutions available in the AWS Marketplace, allowing businesses to access and implement these advanced AI technologies.

Since migrating to AWS in May, has experienced significant benefits. Their operational costs have been reduced by 20%, performance has improved by 15%, and infrastructure costs have been minimized by 10%. These impressive results highlight the advantages of the collaboration between and AWS.’s platform, YellowG, harnesses generative AI capabilities by utilizing centralized global and proprietary large language models (LLMs) with Amazon SageMaker. These LLMs enable to generate responses to customer queries by drawing from a vast knowledge repository consisting of websites, documents, and related data. As a result, their AI agents are able to handle up to 90% of customer queries, exhibit realistic empathy, and minimize inaccurate or false responses.

The partnership with AWS enables to provide inclusive solutions that transcend language barriers and cater to the communication preferences of global consumers. According to CEO Raghu Ravinutala, this adaptability is crucial for addressing the complexities of engaging with diverse customer bases worldwide.


Q: What is
A: is a leading provider of conversational AI solutions.

Q: Who is partnering with?
A: has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Q: What are the benefits of the partnership?
A: The partnership with AWS allows to scale its voicebot and chatbot solutions globally, reduce operational costs, improve performance, and minimize infrastructure expenses.

Q: How many customer support conversations does handle annually?
A: handles over 12 billion customer support conversations annually.

Q: How many countries does operate in?
A: operates in more than 85 countries.

Q: In how many languages do’s AI agents operate?
A:’s AI agents support over 135 languages.

Q: Where can businesses access’s conversational AI solutions?
A: Businesses can access’s conversational AI solutions on the AWS Marketplace.