Thermalright Introduces High-Performance, All-Copper CPU Cooler for Nostalgic Enthusiasts

In the ever-evolving world of CPU cooling, Thermalright has decided to take a step back in time and reintroduce a cooler made entirely of copper. The new AXP90-X53 Full cooler is a throwback design that harkens back to the glory days of the early 2000s when copper coolers reigned supreme.

While tower coolers have dominated the market in recent years, with their aluminum fin stacks, Thermalright has decided to go against the grain and produce an all-copper cooler. The base plate, heat pipes, and fin stack of the AXP90-X53 Full are all made of glorious copper, providing excellent thermal conductivity and performance.

Measuring in at 94.5mm long, 95mm wide, and 38mm tall, this low-profile cooler is specifically designed for compact mini-ITX builds. Its compact size ensures compatibility with various clearance restrictions while still delivering efficient cooling for small form factor systems.

The AXP90-X53 Full features four 6mm diameter heat pipes, allowing for optimal heat dissipation from the CPU. It is compatible with the latest sockets from both Intel and AMD, including Intel LGA 115x, 1200/1700, and AMD AM4 and AM5. This broad compatibility ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of an all-copper cooler regardless of their preferred CPU platform.

Thermalright has incorporated a 4-pin PWM fan into the design, which operates at a maximum velocity of 2700 RPM. At this speed, the fan can move an impressive 42.58 CFM of air while producing a modest 22.4 decibels of noise. These specifications make the cooler an attractive option for those seeking a quiet and efficient cooling solution.

While the AXP90-X53 Full may not be suitable for extreme overclocking or high-performance applications, it offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to recapture the nostalgia of all-copper coolers. The added weight of 600 grams ensures a secure fit without compromising the integrity of the socket.

Thermalright has not yet released pricing information for the AXP90-X53 Full, but considering the affordability of their black version at $27 on Amazon, we can expect a competitive price point for this all-copper offering.


Q: What materials is the AXP90-X53 Full cooler made of?
A: The AXP90-X53 Full cooler is made entirely of copper, with the exception of stainless steel retention clips.

Q: Is the AXP90-X53 Full suitable for overclocking?
A: While the AXP90-X53 Full provides efficient cooling, it may not be ideal for extreme overclocking or high-performance applications.

Q: What are the dimensions of the AXP90-X53 Full?
A: The AXP90-X53 Full measures 94.5mm long, 95mm wide, and 38mm tall, making it suitable for compact mini-ITX builds.

Q: What CPU sockets are compatible with the AXP90-X53 Full?
A: The AXP90-X53 Full is compatible with Intel LGA 115x, 1200/1700, and AMD AM4 and AM5 sockets.

Q: How much does the AXP90-X53 Full cooler weigh?
A: The AXP90-X53 Full cooler, including the fan, weighs 600 grams.