New AI Chatbot Grok to Enhance X Premium+ Subscription

X’s highly-anticipated AI chatbot, Grok, is set to elevate the user experience within the X app’s top-tier subscription, X Premium+. This innovative addition aims to provide a more conversational and personalized interaction compared to existing AI chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Grok, inspired by the iconic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, boasts a charming personality and the ability to respond with wit and a rebellious streak. In a departure from other AI systems, Grok embraces “spicy” questions that are often rejected by conventional AI bots. It leverages real-time knowledge from the X platform and web browsing capabilities to provide users with comprehensive and up-to-date answers.

While Grok was initially released to a select group of testers on November 4, X owner Elon Musk recently announced that all X Premium+ subscribers will gain access to Grok in the near future. This move enhances the value proposition of the X Premium+ subscription, which provides an ad-free experience and introduces the Creator Hub, allowing users to earn revenue through their posts and offer subscriptions to their fans.

New Features and Enhanced User Experience

The integration of Grok into the X app is already underway, as revealed by app researcher Nima Owji. Premium+ subscribers will have convenient access to Grok through a dedicated icon in the left-side navigation bar of the X web app. Non-subscribers will be prompted to subscribe to Premium+ to unlock Grok’s full capabilities.

Once accessed, Grok presents a simple chatbot interface that enables users to type their questions and receive insightful responses. Additionally, a history button allows users to revisit their past queries, enhancing the overall user experience and facilitating ongoing interactions with Grok.

Coming Soon: A Game-Changer for X Premium+

While an official launch date for Grok has not been announced, the fact that it is already being developed within the X web application suggests an imminent release. X’s help documentation confirms that Grok’s availability on the Premium+ tier is “coming soon.”

As X continues to innovate and enhance its subscription offerings, the introduction of Grok is expected to further captivate non-creators, making the Premium+ subscription an increasingly compelling choice for users seeking an immersive and personalized X experience.


1. What sets Grok apart from other AI chatbots?

Grok stands out due to its unique personality and ability to respond with wit and a rebellious streak. Unlike other AI chatbots, it embraces “spicy” questions and boasts access to real-time knowledge via the X platform and web browsing capabilities.

2. When will Grok be available to X Premium+ subscribers?

An exact launch date has not been announced. However, according to X’s help documentation, access to Grok on the Premium+ tier is “coming soon.”

3. What features can X Premium+ subscribers expect from Grok?

Grok will provide Premium+ subscribers with a conversational chatbot interface, enabling them to ask questions and receive insightful responses. Additionally, a history feature will allow users to revisit their past queries and enhance their overall interaction with Grok.

4. Will Grok be available to non-subscribers?

No, Grok is exclusively available to X Premium+ subscribers. Non-subscribers can click on the Grok icon within the X web app but will be prompted to subscribe to Premium+ to access its features.

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