PassPay and EOS Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Financial Services with Blockchain

PassPay Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the digital payments space, has joined forces with blockchain technology innovators EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs in an ambitious strategic alliance. The partnership aims to leverage the power of blockchain technology to enhance financial services and herald a new wave of innovation.

The core objective of the alliance is to optimize financial services by integrating the advanced blockchain infrastructure of EOS Network into PassPayWallet. By harnessing the world-class performance and low gas fees offered by EOS Network, PassPay aims to enhance wallet convenience for its users.

Furthermore, PassPay and EOS will work in concert to enhance the transparency and efficiency of PassPay’s payment systems. The integration of EOS’s cutting-edge blockchain technology will revolutionize the transaction process, offering users a seamless and secure digital payment experience.

The strategic partnership will not only focus on optimizing existing services but also on exploring new avenues for financial innovation. By combining their expertise and knowledge, PassPay and EOS will collaborate on the development of new financial services and tokens based on EOS blockchain technology, expanding the possibilities in the fintech sector.

One key area of focus for the alliance is bolstering transaction security. Both PassPay and EOS are committed to incorporating the latest security features into their platforms to ensure the safety of user funds and data. This commitment reflects their dedication to establishing industry-leading benchmarks in terms of security and reliability.

“While PassPay and EOS bring together their strengths, we can expect exciting new developments in the fintech sector. Our collaboration promises to introduce fresh applications and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology for a wider audience in Japan,” said Yves La Rose, Founder and CEO of EOS Network Foundation.

PassPay has already achieved significant milestones in a short span of time, with over 1300 downloads in just six months. The company’s popular PassPayWallet is set to introduce payment functions using stablecoins, empowering users to transact in a currency with a more stable value. Additionally, PassPay has plans to launch JPYW, a stablecoin pegged to the Japanese yen, and develop a comprehensive wallet that seamlessly manages digital assets.

This strategic alliance with EOS will serve as a catalyst, accelerating PassPay’s progress and enabling them to provide even more secure and efficient services to their customers. PassPay is dedicated to pursuing its goals and contributing to the advancement of digital payments.


1. What is PassPay?
PassPay is a leading digital payments company focused on providing efficient and secure payment solutions.

2. What is EOS Network?
EOS Network is a blockchain technology innovator that offers advanced infrastructure and solutions.

3. How will the alliance benefit PassPay users?
The alliance aims to enhance wallet convenience, improve transparency and efficiency, and ensure greater transaction security for PassPay users.

4. What new developments can we expect from the alliance?
The alliance will focus on developing new financial services and tokens based on EOS blockchain technology, driving innovation in the fintech sector.

5. What milestones has PassPay achieved?
PassPay has achieved over 1300 downloads in just six months and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

6. What are PassPay’s plans for the future?
PassPay aims to introduce payment functions using stablecoins, launch the JPYW stablecoin, and develop a comprehensive wallet for managing digital assets.