Insta360 Introduces Revolutionary 8K Action Camera, Raising the Stakes for GoPro

Insta360, a major player in the action camera market, has just unveiled its latest offering, the Ace Pro. With its unrivaled features, the Ace Pro has the potential to become one of the best action cameras ever made. While GoPro and DJI have long dominated the market, Insta360 is proving that it can compete with its innovative technology.

At the forefront of the Ace Pro is its groundbreaking 8K video recording capability, a feature that neither the GoPro Hero 12 Black nor the DJI Osmo Action 4 can match. However, the Ace Pro is more than just high-resolution video. Equipped with a 1/1.3-inch sensor, which is larger than the Hero 12 Black’s, it also captures stunning 48MP stills in both JPEG and DNG raw format. And for those who don’t need 8K video, the Ace Pro offers solid 4K video recording, capable of shooting up to 120fps.

In addition to its impressive imaging capabilities, the Ace Pro incorporates AI neural networks for denoising video footage, resulting in clean, low-light videos in its ‘PureVideo’ mode. It also features an Active HDR video mode for optimal performance in well-lit conditions. The camera boasts Insta360’s renowned FlowState stabilization, ensuring smooth footage, and a 360-degree horizon lock similar to GoPro, which keeps video levels steady no matter the action.

The design of the Ace Pro is another standout feature. Unlike its competitors, the camera is physically larger and heavier, but this allows for a bigger touchscreen that conveniently flips up for selfie shots. This design feature is particularly useful when vlogging or capturing sports activities, as it provides an easy view from any angle. Additionally, the Ace Pro offers AI-assisted video assist tools, including gesture control for activating photo and video recording with a timer, as well as video edit tools that can automatically select the best parts of your clips.


Q: What is the price of the Insta360 Ace Pro?
A: The Insta360 Ace Pro is available now for $449.99 / £429.99 / AU$729.

Q: Is there a budget-friendly version of the Ace Pro?
A: Yes, a budget-friendly ‘Ace’ version of the camera is also available, featuring a smaller 1/2-inch sensor and a ‘regular’ lens. The list price for the Ace is $379.99 / £359.99 / AU$609.

Q: Is the Ace Pro waterproof?
A: Yes, the Ace Pro is waterproof up to 10m, making it suitable for underwater adventures.

Q: Can I mount the Ace Pro on handlebars and helmets?
A: Yes, the camera supports both quick release magnetic mounts and standard mounts, allowing you to attach it to various surfaces such as handlebars and helmets.

Q: Will there be further improvements to the Ace Pro through firmware updates?
A: Yes, Insta360 has the ability to release firmware updates to enhance the camera’s performance.