Corrections: Nov. 21, 2023


The latest concert of Taylor Swift in Brazil caught the attention of fans and critics alike due to the scorching heat that attendees endured. Despite the misleading title, the song “You Belong With Me” was a highlight of the show for Swift’s passionate fan base.


Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI has stirred discussions in the tech community. However, one correction needs to be made regarding Ilya Sutskever’s involvement in the breakthrough of neural networks. Contrary to previous reports, Sutskever contributed to this development when he was still a graduate student at the University of Toronto.


The impending move of the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas has raised concerns about its impact on working-class sports fans. An editing error in a previous article mistakenly mentioned Reggie Jackson as an Oakland native. It was actually Frank Robinson who grew up in Oakland, adding another layer of significance to the team’s relocation.


A recent opera review covered the mesmerizing performance of “Florencia en el Amazonas.” However, there was a minor mistake regarding Giacomo Puccini’s death year. It was in 1924, not 1926, when the composer passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of operatic masterpieces.


What were the corrections made regarding Taylor Swift’s concert in Brazil?

The correction clarified the title of one of Taylor Swift’s songs performed during the concert as “You Belong With Me,” not “You Belong to Me.”

What was the correction made about Ilya Sutskever’s academic status?

The correction stated that Ilya Sutskever played a crucial role in the breakthrough of neural networks as a graduate student at the University of Toronto, not an undergraduate.

Who was the major league star from Oakland identified in the correction?

The correction identified Frank Robinson as the major league star who grew up in Oakland, not Reggie Jackson.

What was the correction made about Giacomo Puccini’s death year?

The correction clarified that Giacomo Puccini died in 1924, not 1926, which was the year of the posthumous premiere of his final opera, “Turandot.”