Compugen Expands Its Reach with Acquisition of CPU Service d’ordinateur

Compugen, Canada’s leading privately-owned Technology Ally, has announced its acquisition of CPU Service d’ordinateur inc. and its subsidiary, C.P.U. Design Inc. This strategic move brings together two prominent IT solution providers to create a formidable force in the Canadian market.

CPU has established itself as a leader in delivering IT infrastructure products and services across Quebec and Ontario, with a growing presence in Western Canada. With a stellar reputation spanning nearly four decades, CPU has served a diverse range of clients in the retail, commercial, and public sectors.

Compugen’s CEO, Harry Zarek, expresses his enthusiasm for the merger, stating, “The addition of CPU allows two Canadian IT forces to come together as allies, embarking on a shared go-to-market strategy that is human-centered and technology-enabled. CPU’s unique culture seamlessly aligns with Compugen’s core values to be curious, collaborative, and driven. This acquisition accelerates our mission to help organizations realize new possibilities.”

Lotfi Ghattas, CEO of CPU, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the benefits for employees and clients. “Our team looks forward to becoming part of Compugen. This strategic decision will provide our employees with incredible career opportunities while continuing to support our clients with technology insights and ideas to better their personal and professional experiences.”

The acquisition of CPU further enhances Compugen’s expanded portfolio, particularly in areas such as Service Desk, Infrastructure, Security, and Cloud. This synergy between the two companies will enable Compugen to deliver an even wider range of services to its clients, driving innovation and transformation in industries across Canada.

With a shared commitment to sustainability, Compugen’s Green4Good initiative complements CPU’s efforts in creating a greener future. This shared vision for a more sustainable world strengthens the partnership and creates new opportunities for both companies.

Under the new structure, CPU will retain its well-established brand, now operating as “CPU, a Compugen Group of Companies.” The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of November.


Q: What does CPU specialize in?
A: CPU specializes in delivering IT infrastructure products and services, including technology deployment, technical support, and professional services.

Q: What are Compugen’s core values?
A: Compugen’s core values include curiosity, collaboration, and drive, which align with CPU’s unique culture.

Q: What areas will the acquisition enhance in Compugen’s portfolio?
A: The acquisition will enhance Compugen’s services in areas such as Service Desk, Infrastructure, Security, and Cloud.

Q: When will the acquisition be finalized?
A: The acquisition is expected to conclude by the end of November.

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