China’s Moore Threads Boosts Performance of MTT S80 GPU with New Drivers Amidst Ban on RTX 4090

China’s leading gaming graphics card developer, Moore Threads, has released a significant driver update for its first-generation MTT S80 GPU. The update brings about a substantial boost in performance, which is particularly important as the US government has recently implemented a ban on Nvidia’s fastest gaming GPU, the RTX 4090, in the country.

The MTT S80’s performance has seen double-digit improvements in five popular AAA game titles, with one game experiencing an astounding 80% increase in framerate. This driver update demonstrates that for first-generation products, the role of drivers is almost as crucial as the hardware itself. Even a year after its release, the MTT S80 continues to show room for growth.

The new 240.50 version driver has delivered the most significant performance gains in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, achieving an impressive 80% boost in average framerate. Other notable improvements include a 60% increase in frames for Valorant and Grand Theft Auto V, a 50% bump in Assetto Corsa, and a 30% improvement in Far Cry: New Dawn.

Furthermore, the latest driver release has added support for 18 additional games. While Moore Threads did not provide specific details on the extent of the performance improvement for these games, it indicates that they were likely running suboptimally on the MTT S80 before the update.

Developing efficient drivers for GPUs with new architectures, particularly when they are the company’s first product, has always been a challenging task. Even established players like Intel have faced difficulties in fully optimizing their graphics cards. Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs, launched over a year ago, are still receiving driver updates that deliver double and triple-digit performance boosts.

Despite facing sanctions and recent layoffs, Moore Threads remains committed to its gaming GPU development. The company is actively working on its next-generation MTT S90 GPU, which is expected to benefit from the maturing drivers of the S80. This latest driver update reflects Moore Threads’ dedication to providing a steady stream of updates, following substantial improvements in their previous round of driver updates earlier this year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: What is the significance of the driver update for Moore Threads’ MTT S80 GPU?
  • The driver update for the MTT S80 GPU results in significant performance improvements, especially considering the US ban on Nvidia’s RTX 4090 GPU.

  • Q: Which games experienced the highest framerate boost with the new driver?
  • The new driver delivered the biggest gains in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with an 80% boost to the average framerate.

  • Q: Are there any improvements for games other than the five mentioned?
  • Yes, the new driver also added support for 18 other games, although specific details regarding their performance improvement are not provided.

  • Q: How important are drivers for first-generation GPUs?
  • For first-generation products, drivers play a crucial role in optimizing performance and enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Q: How is Moore Threads affected by US sanctions?
  • Moore Threads has faced challenges due to US sanctions, resulting in layoffs. However, the company remains focused on developing its next-generation MTT S90 GPU.