New AI Platform from C3 AI Inc. Now Available on AWS Marketplace

C3 AI Inc. has unveiled an upgraded version of its C3 Generative AI platform, which is now accessible through the AWS Marketplace. The Redwood City, California-based company specializes in software that simplifies the development of custom artificial intelligence models. It also offers prepackaged AI applications for various use cases, such as predicting customer demand and optimizing energy usage in buildings. Last quarter, C3 generated $72.4 million in revenue, exceeding analysts’ expectations of $71.6 million.

One of C3’s flagship products, C3 Generative AI, was introduced in May of last year. This platform enables knowledge workers to search their organization’s internal data using natural language prompts and can analyze the data to identify relevant patterns. The latest edition, C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition, has a more specific focus. It is designed to assist users in analyzing text stored in files like Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and webpages.

In addition to the new capabilities for text analysis, C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition includes a self-service setup tool. With this tool, customers can quickly deploy the platform in just a few minutes, according to C3. Once the setup is complete, users gain access to a chat interface similar to ChatGPT, where they can upload business records and extract relevant data points. The platform also enables mathematical calculations on the data, such as measuring the percentage increase in store sales between quarters.

C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition leverages a machine learning technique called retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to power several of its features. Unlike traditional neural networks that rely solely on trained data, RAG allows the AI model to incorporate information from external sources, including a company’s internal business documents.

C3 is planning to release the C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition to a select number of customers on November 29, with general availability following a few weeks later. The new offering comes just two months after C3 introduced the C3 Generative AI Suite, which includes over 24 AI models optimized for tasks like text summarization and chatbot development.

With the integration of the upgraded C3 Generative AI platform into the AWS Marketplace, organizations will now have easier access to advanced AI capabilities for text analysis and data extraction, enabling them to uncover valuable insights quickly and securely.